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Amanda Scott – blogger, columnist, writer, nature-LOVER, keen AMATEUR photographer

Cornwall has been my home since 2012. I’m told (affectionately, I hope!) that I’m a ‘DFL’, or ‘Down-from-London’, but that’s OK because I’m here to stay and love my adopted county.  I first came to live in Cornwall temporarily when I moved down to study conservation and biodiversity at the University of Exeter‘s campus near Falmouth in 2010, and fell in love with the beauty and tranquillity I found here, as well as with the wonderful Cornish people, who are friendly, welcoming and resourceful…so I left the stressful job behind and made the move permanent.

Now I spend my time writing about the wonderful nature and wildlife of Cornwall. It’s going well. Among other things, I’m proud to have been a weekly columnist for the West Morning News on Sunday (until it sadly ceased publication recently) – some of my recent columns are online here. I write for ‘Linking the Lizard’ (http://www.the-lizard.org), a partnership of conservation bodies working on my favourite place in Cornwall – the wonderful Lizard peninsula. I’m dabbling in fiction as well, just to see what happens, and have done the occasional guest blog. In between all that, I do some proofreading (being a grammar pedant, that quite suits me) and transcription.

Photo: Katherine Cho

There is nothing I love more than being out and about exploring nature, especially anything to do with plants and butterflies, though I’ve recently started to get enthusiastic about birds as well. I’ll grab a notebook and pen and just sit in a quiet, beautiful spot and write about what’s in front of me. It’s all very mindful.

I recently retired from being Branch Secretary for Cornwall Butterfly Conservation, but am still very involved in supporting this great bunch of folk and the work they do. I’m also a member of various organisations, including the Cornwall Wildlife TrustNational Trust, RSPB, Woodland Trust and RHS.

And a few random facts:

Favourite place in Cornwall: Predannack Wollas, on the west coast of the Lizard – sea, birds and flowers, and a quality of light that is stunning even by Cornish standards…

Favourite place visited outside the UK: Hudson Bay and Churchill, Canada (in February – cold but beautiful!)

Favourite film: Harvey, or maybe Field of Dreams, or any of Lord of the Rings…

Favourite bookTitus Groan trilogy, by Mervyn Peake

Contact me: ascott9618@gmail.com

31 thoughts on “About me”

  1. My human said to tell you that you have to live in Cornwall for at least 10 years before you’ll be considered a local! She’s Cornish but we live in France/Italy now and when she goes home all her Cornish friends are always suspicious about why she lives in ‘foreign land’! Hope you settle in well, we are looking forward to following your adventures. Bisous Bailey

  2. Thank you! I am delighted that the first comment on my first blog has been made by a member of your illustrious race! I hope your human isn’t missing Cornwall too much, but tell her I plan to stay here for at least 10 years, so maybe I’ll be a local one day! I will look out your blog, too. Amanda

  3. Karen – I am definitely enjoying life away from London! I will be following your blog for tips on how to make the best of my own garden space when I’m not exploring Cornwall! Amanda

  4. Hi Amanda , I too, am a new resident to cornwall and a lover of nature. I will definitely keep an eye on your blog as a valuable source of info.
    All the best – Scott

  5. I work with things like this out here in Schwarme, Germany.
    Passion in what you believe and in putting it into words is a true talent.
    Your enlightening post includes the perfect mixture of enthusiasm
    and well-written, interesting information that I’ve grown to love and admire.

    1. Hi there – I’m chuffed you like the blog, Phil! I am definitely still doing it, but there has been a few weeks’ lull due to a few other commitments, but I’ll be posting again soon. There’s lots to write about!

  6. Hello Amanda! So impressed by blog and all the information. especially liked the poems. Keep doing entries. You put my paltry efforts in rural Shropshire to shame. Mark

    1. Hello Mark! Thank you for the comment, and it was fantastic to see you and Rose and the girls in Cornwall in the summer. We are all ex-urbanites becoming country-philes – it’s the way to go!!

  7. Hi Amanda, hope all is well. Ring or text sometime as it would be lovely to arrange for you to come up for a visit. Sorry for summer cancellation but it was all a bit stressful. But now back on track!! love Mark

  8. Who would have thought that googling large hairy caterpillars in south-east Cornwall could bring me to your delightful blog! So pleased that it has: as a recently-arrived newcomer, head-over-heels in love with the place but struggling badly to identify most of the flora and fauna that I see, your blog could be a godsend! Looking forward to reading more, Amanda 🙂

    (I’m still working on identifying the caterpillars…)

    1. Hi Sandra – I’m so glad you are loving Cornwall: you will have so much to discover! And thank you for liking my blog. I’ve found writing the blog has helped me to identify more wildlife, as I have to check things out before writing about them. So maybe you should start one, too! On those large hairy caterpillars, there are a couple of good websites, which you may have found already, but here they are anyway: http://www.ukbutterflies.co.uk/identification.php and http://www.ukmoths.org.uk. Or, if you’re on Facebook and have photos of the caterpillars, post them to the What’s Wild in Cornwall FB page, and I’ll see if I can help (no promises!).

      1. Hi Amanda, thank you! I shall check out the links you suggest and try to identify them myself. Then I may well post the photo I have on your facebook page with what I think it might be.

        Cornwall prompted me to start blogging literally within hours of arriving. Although initially I was just compelled to write, it then demanded a home of its own. (Mostly life, literature and birds at the moment. Flowers feature too – I plan to focus a lot more on them in time.)

        A Corner of Cornwall.com

      2. Aha – you have a blog! I’ve just taken a look and have really enjoyed reading a couple of your posts already. I see you did part of the Hall Walk recently, which was one of my favourite walks from the last few months, when I was visiting friends near Looe. I will enjoy following your future posts 🙂

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