Common (?) garden birds

Even the most familiar of birds are beautiful.  Here are two from my Cornish garden today.

The wonderful iridescent plumage of a starling…

Starling (photo credit: Amanda Scott)
Starling (photo credit: Amanda Scott)

…and a couple of cheeky robins.

Robins in my garden (photo credit: Amanda Scott)
Robins in my garden (photo credit: Amanda Scott)

Who visits your garden?

Author: Amanda Scott

Cares about wildlife, nature and ecology.

5 thoughts on “Common (?) garden birds”

  1. We don’t exactly have a garden right now but because of the snow and freezing conditions I bought a big bag of wild seed and I’ve been scattering handfuls outside the van for the last couple of days. So far we’ve had visits from a robin, a blackbird, a thrush, a magpie, and a couple of wood pigeons.

  2. For ‘garden’ read ‘outside space’! In the wind and rain the other night, quite a bit of the seed blew out of my feeders and onto the ground, which the groundfeeding blackbirds love, leaving the feeders to the tits, sparrows and chaffinches – when the starlings give them half a chance, that is! No woodpigeons or thrushes, though – am jealous!!

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